Saturday, June 30, 2007

Apple Love

Sean McDevitt’s been hard at work on a series of drawings and soon to be unveiled sculptural pieces. Love his work.

Apple Love, 2006, pigment ink on vellum, 12 x 18"

Friday, June 29, 2007

No New Tale to Tell

Today’s finally the day! I get to pick up the keys for our new gallery space at 143 Ludlow St. I’m so excited! The grand opening will be Thursday July 12th 7-9pm for the group show “No New Tale to Tell”. Yes, I know another 80s song title, but c’mon it’s Love and Rockets. Hope everyone can come by on the 12th and join in on the celebration!

Special thanks to Barnaby, Tom and Barry for posting about the show on their blogs!

Show dates: July 12 - August 11, 2007

No New Tale to Tell
by Love and Rockets

You cannot go against nature
Because when you do
Go against nature
It's part of nature too
Our little lives get complicated
It's a simple thing
Simple as a flower
And that's a complicated thing
No new tale to tell
No new tale to tell
No new tale to tell
My world is your world
People like to hear their names
I'm no exception
Please call my name
Call my name
No new tale to tell
No new tale to tell
No new tale to tell
When you're down
It's a long way up
When you're up
It's a long way down
It's all the same thing
No new tale to tell
No new tale to tell

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Karen Heagle

Karen’s an artist I’ve worked with for many years, and she just keeps getting better. I’m so excited that we’re going to have one of her pieces in the upcoming show, “No New Tale to Tell”. For those not familiar with her content, it’s a beautiful combination of art history meets contemporary culture. I just love her palette.

image: "Laocoon (Tom DeLonge)", 51" x 54", acrylic and ink on paper, 2006

Brecht’s St. Joan of the Stockyards

PS122 is currently running on of the best plays I’ve seen in ages, and definitely the second best piece I’ve ever seen there. (Still think the Dean St. F.O.O. wins out for top place.) The entire ensemble is a tight crew that is full of energy and enthusiasm. If you sit on the front row, take note that there’s a lot of spit flying. There’s also a country/blues band led by Kelly McRae that is truly enchanting.

Big thanks to Don for taking me to play!

“Joan” is running through July 1st. Tickets and more info can be found at PS122

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


After a busy weekend, I’m finally getting back to the blog. Caught the second episode of Meadowlands. Everyone has been comparing the show to Twin Peaks …and …well they're right. It may even be better. It's's romantic... I love everything about it: the characters (especially love Zoe and Mark and even the sad soul Jack; honestly a lot of these characters remind me of people I know from here in NY and even back in SC), the premise of the town, the symbolism, and even the violence (you can really feel the squish of blood and the sickening smash of bones when broken).
It’s well worth an hour out of your time.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I just had to post this after seeing it on my friend Petulant’s blog. I love bald men and better yet I love bald men that speak songs.

Video: Telly Savalas – “If”

Nervous Cabaret

I love this band and have known Elyas Khan for years since my old Exit Art days. Saturday night they’re going to be putting on an amazing show at the Knitting Factory. Also you can find them playing in September at the Louvre.

From their site:
THIS SATURDAY!!!! JUNE 23rd 2007 10:00PM
With EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND! Those of you who were at the show last year when these folks came through town KNOW this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Come prepared to Dance Dance Dance and quite possibly Get Naked (sometimes it can't be helped). Think of it as the logical conclusion to your Mermaid Day! Pure non-stop debauchery!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Buttercup update

Buttercup has been liberated from the tarp. Randy is back from Joshua Tree and the church has moved on. I have been told that they have sent back lurkers with TV cameras, tape measures and a number of holy warriors to keep the battle burning. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of our darling flower.

images: Buttercup in the tarp and out

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My dear friend Liz S. is flying the Wall Street Journal coop as of this Friday. After many years of being a WSJ art director, she is leaving for broader exciting horizons. She’s going to LAW school. Not only is she multitalented in logic and graphic design, but also in photography. Check out her flickr site. She’s almost halfway there with her 365 project and uses a multitude of cameras from her digital Nikkorex F to her non-digital: Yashica Mat 24G, Holga, Olympus OM-1, Canon F1, and Nikon E5900. She’s become quite the camera addict. Good luck Liz! We’re all proud of you!

Photos from Liz’s flickr account

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad Religion

Mr. Tom Sanford has a solo show coming up this week in Copenhagen, and he even got a grown up haircut for the occasion. He’s ventured away from the hip hop and is taking a personal look at America today. If you happen to be in Denmark…check it out.

TOM SANFORD|BAD RELIGION| 21.06.07 - 18.08.07


Image: Jesus Walks

Monday, June 18, 2007


Randy Polumbo’s sculpture “Buttercup” has been under siege! “Buttercup” (which can be found at Art Queen in Joshua Tree) was arrested and covered in a tarp by the police last week. This all started due to a certain “house of prayer” having an urge to decide what is art or not. I am awaiting word on her release.

Check out the rest of Randy’s work at:
Every time I go to his studio, it’s a wonderful magical world of moving, inflating, jiggling, etc. objects. One of my favorites is Joey (check his site). You have to be careful though, it can take your head off.

Images: Buttercup, day and night views

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ryan McLennan

I have completely fallen in love with Ryan McLennan's work, and so excited we're going to have him in the opening show of our new space.

Orphans, 30 x 44" acrylic on paper


A must set of shows to check out: Michael Somoroff’s Illumination at 508 W. 26th on the ground floor (BravinLee programs Off Site) and Illumination I at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Also in today’s New York Times, there’s a wonderful and insightful article by Elizabeth Bard entitled A 50-Year-Old Upstart Redefines ‘Emerging’, all about Michael and his work.

I was fortunate to get a sneak peak at the video installation on 26th St. yesterday and it gave me chills. Definitely an awe inspiring show. Check out more on Michael at his website:

above image: detail of Panoramic still from Illumination (video) by Michael Somoroff

June 21 - August 10, 2007
Opening: 6-8 p.m., Thursday, June 21
BravinLee programs Off Site
508 West 26 Street (ground floor), NY, NY

Illumination I
June 24- October 14, 2007
Opening: 3-5 p.m., Sunday, June 24
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
258 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT